Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Morning After, A Syrcls Brunch Review: N. 6th

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do when you wake up from a long (and possibly regrettable) night out is to get out of bed & cook yourself something awesome to make yourself feel more human again. At least for people like me, who pretty much don’t cook at all, going out to brunch is pretty much your best friend. So that’s why I’m here: to share my tales of urban brunching— tales of caution, and/or tales of awesome.

After a, for some reason, long night of going to see Tim & Eric, and then watching one part of documentary Make ‘Em Laugh (despite the lame subway advertising campaign) and drinking tons of cheap beer, me & my roommate were jonesing for some
Roebling Tea Room or The Lodge. On the way, walking Northwest on Metropolitan in the crazy freezing 20 degree weather, we spied a cool vintage shop called 10 ft. Single (vintage surfboards in the window) on that weird corner where N. 6th splits off, right across the BQE, near Havermeyer. It reminded me that I had never been to the place located on the opposite corner, appropriately called N. 6th. Okay, we were kind of also attracted to it because a Playgirl van was parked in front, but anywho… We were the only ones in there for a while, even though it has a great location, and it was 12:30pm. The place isn’t heated especially well, as I definitely had to keep my heavy scarf on the whole time. I ordered a hot chocolate & OJ. I thought it was pretty cool that they serve even their non-alcoholic cold drinks in beer stein thingys. I have to say, though, that the hot chocolate was pretty “meh” and not even hot. Overall, however, I was pretty satisfied with the variety offered on the menu.

The waitress was especially friendly, and from San Diego (where I’m from), and helped me make up my mind between the various things I had picked out that looked good to me. It was between the French Toast, Zucchini Pie, Artichoke Pie, and Mozzarella/Tomato/Basil/Pesto panini. I went with the Artichoke pie, served with greens, and my roommate got the scrambled eggs with a goat cheese, mushroom, and truffle oil crostini.

When I initially got served, I had doubts that the small wedge and side of greens would be enough to satisfy me. The Artichoke pie is less like a quiche (as the Zucchini Pie was said to be), and more like a…uhhh….pie. It was pretty rich: mix of mozzarella, artichoke hearts, and flaky, buttery pie crust. The f
abulous crust was really the key element that that balanced out the richness, aside from the portion size. My roommate’s crostini was much tastier in the sense that it had a stronger flavor, though I really did enjoy the pie. However, I do disproportionately favor things with truffle oil in pretty much all situations.

N. 6th, like many places in Brooklyn, are cash only, but have an ATM inside. This came in handy, when we stopped by 10 ft. Single on the way back home, where I purchased an awesome sweater with seagulls on it, wearing sea captain’s hats. It’s definitely one of those rare places that have a huge space, and carry a combination of really nice vintage pieces and low-priced normal thrift store type stuff.

Anyway, getting back to the restaurant, though I was skeptical about the portion of the dish I had, and I definitely wanted more after I finished, I think the portioning was actually done wisely, as I probably would’ve felt gross had I eaten more. Though the venue itself and the hot chocolate was inexplicably cold, if this place played one of those weird games at the movie theatres where you pull a lever & it rates your “love level” or whatever, it would be “Red Hot Lover.” That certainly was a lot of build up for that lame of a joke. Oh well, you get the picture.

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