Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OK, how about this?

Well, I may have figured out how to type with a cast on, but I certainly didn't learn how to type well or quickly. So, no, I didn't get back to blogging in October. Or November. Or December ...

But it's 2012 now, we are living in science fiction numbers. Death and rebirth and endings and beginnings and shit knows what else have transpired since last I typed upon this blog. I'm not sure what shape the future holds ...there are a few other Barographies I'd like to write, and Lord knows I've got plenty of free beer coupons left. That Mono-Lagering lost some of its urgency after some time. It was a clear measure taken to get over someone, and by that I obviously mean get over myself.

Once that cleared my system, it didn't seem so important to drag my ass to the far ends of Brooklyn to pontificate on whatever life threw at me at some random bar. This is not to say I gave up the sauce, as this photo of my writing desk taken after the comma in this sentence no doubt shows.

But the warmth of summer has faded and the chill of autumn has turned into Bobby Drake doing something nasty all over my face (sorry for the image, nerds).

So I'm back to writing. Other than this little note, the next piece (series of pieces, really) I'm working on is for my old blog Comics Should Be Good. Today or tomorrow I'm hoping to get up a post there about a sort of comic book drinking club I put together with some of my friends. Could I be more indulgent? Well, if you've been reading this blog at all, you know, of course I can (and have been).

So, cheers, friends. Here's to a future so uncertain that it's beautiful. Read more...